1. Definition (Pengertian)
Kalimat Pasif yaitu kalimat yang ‘subjek-nya’ dikenai pekerjaan. Kalimat ini biasanya kata kerjanya
diartikan “di” atau “ter”.

Contoh :
Aktif : Ahmad cleans the room everyday.
(Ahmad membersihkan ruangan itu setiap hari)
Pasif : The room is cleaned by Ahmad everyday
(Ruangan itu dibersihkan Ahmad setiap hari.
2. Basic pattern (Pola dasar)
Subj + to be + V3
Bentuk to be tergantung pada “Tenses” dan “Subjek”.
Bentuk to be: Present : is, am, are
Past : was, were
Cont. : being
Perfect : been
future/modal : be

*Excercises of Passive Voice*

1. New products …… in the electronic exhibition in Jakarta Expo Centre a week ago.
a. display c. was displaying e. have displayed
b. displayed d. were displayed

2. We cannot swim in the swimming pool now, because it…………….now.
a. cleans c. is being cleaned e. has been cleaning
b. is cleaning d. has cleaned

3. Geologists have explained the cause of earthquakes in terms of a theory…………..as plate tectonics.
a. knows c. which knows e. that known
b. knowing d. known

4. A : ‘What time will the delayed plane depart?’
B : ‘They say that it……………..soon.’
a. will announce c. is to announced e. announces
b. has announced d. will be announced

5. A : ‘I’d like to reserve a single room for next week, please.’
B : ‘I’m sorry, Sir. Our hotel ………… until the end of this month.’
a. It is fully booked c. is fully booked e. will book
b. We booked d. booking it fully





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